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SEN Laundry Soap

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Gentle, plant-based laundry soap for undergarments + delicates. Thoughtfully small-batch crafted in Singapore. Bottled in 100ML sandblasted glass bottle with pump.

Scented with bubbly blend of satsuma orange + mimosa + vanilla.

How to use? Check out our Tiktok / Reel on caring for your MORIs!

Get a 10ML sample bottle of SEN LAUNDRY SOAP here!

Ingredient: purified water, organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, fragrance oil, citric acid.

Refills for SEN Laundry Soap are available in 3 sizes, packaged in reusable and recyclable aluminum bottles. 

  per 10ML
100ML º Standard Glass Bottle S$22.00 ~ S$2.20
150ML º Refill Aluminum Bottle S$18.00 ~ S$1.20
350ML º Refill Aluminum Bottle S$36.00 ~ S$1.03
500ML º Refill Aluminum Bottle S$50.00 ~ S$1.00

 | S$1.00 of every MORI goods sold supports SPCA's Community Animal Clinic and their work in providing affordable and quality healthcare for needy animals.