• Plantable Gift Card
  • Plantable Gift Card

    Plantable Gift Card

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    A gift that keeps on giving. Once the festivities are over, bury the card in the soil, water it, and watch it transform into a mini wildflower garden.

    Our Plantable Gift Cards are available in the denominations of S$10, S$15, S$30, S$50, and S$100.

    A physical plantable MORI gift card will be shipped, shipping is complimentary. We will require the giftee's email address to activate the gift card on our online shop; if you are purchasing with your own information, please leave your giftee's name, email address and mailing address in the notes section before carting out.

    Personal messages are welcome!

     💐 Planting Guidelines
    Pro Tip | Immerse the paper in water overnight before planting. Handle with care when taking it out the next day, as it will be soft and delicate. This aids in accelerating seed germination.
    Prepare a pot filled with 2/3 high-quality potting soil (ideal for indoor use).
    Place the plantable card on the soil, ensuring it's covered about 3mm deep.
    Soak the soil to a pleasantly damp level, avoid ponding.
    Maintain constant moisture on the paper for the initial 10 days to foster seed germination.
    If germination is successful, expect sprouts to emerge within 2 to 3 weeks.