Introducing: SEN Laundry Soap

Introducing: SEN Laundry Soap

Taking proper care of your MORI undies keeps them squeaky fresh for next wear and helps you save some dollars by extending their lifespan.

SEN laundry soap is a gentle, plant-based formula; designed to efficiently remove dirt, oil, and buildups on undergarments or any delicate fabric.

Incorporating SEN in your knicker laundry routine is a piece of cake.
➀ Give your undies a rinse under cold water
② Add a pump or two of SEN
③ Gentle hand wash recommended; a.k.a no tugging, rough scrubbing, etc.
④ Rinse the soap out, let it air dry, and ta-dah!

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Making your undies laundry routine a uniquely MORI experience, the laundry soap is beautifully scent with Satsuma Orange + Mimosa + Vanilla. Think bubbly scent with a citrusy burst that settles gently to a smoothing vanilla base.

SEN Laundry soap in the 100ML glass bottle is now available at our online shop. Refill options will be available at the end of June 2022. Enjoy!