Founder's Note: Happy 4th MORI Day!

Founder's Note: Happy 4th MORI Day!

Today marks the 4th anniversary of The MORI Club.

Technically it's 2nd if we want to be specific because I only started running the brand full-time at the start of Circuit Breaker in Singapore.

The MORI Club is born out of my degree graduation project. I wanted my project to stand out among the sea of great submissions from my cohort, but most importantly, I wanted to solve a market gap that was important to me.

I dread buying another pair of fast-fashion brief/bralette that falls apart in 2 washes. The idea was simple, no-frills undergarments that do good for the planet and its people.

It was some grueling six months or so. The long hours of typing out my big dreams for the business every night worked magically and made me a great business proposal, but the reality did not. There was a lot of rejection from the production side, and I didn't have the financial backing to hit the minimum quantity that would even make a manufacturer want to reply to my emails.

I was ready to close the chapter for this project until I snagged first-class honors with it. To me, it meant so many things. People see my idea and think it works - how crazy is that?

Long story short, I was a full-time creative by the day, and by night, I was just a girl convincing the people on the internet that they should pay attention to her line of all-black, minimal sustainable undies. It was my life for two years until a whirlwind of things happened, and the time was ripe. I quit my full-time job (which I truly loved), set up a home office, registered my business, and never looked back.

Running a business like ours isn't rosy all the time. There were tons of ups and downs. Admittedly, I thought about shuttering at least three times last month. But every time the thoughts come into my head, our little community mysteriously finds a way to remind me that it's not the end for us yet.

We've done many great things together, and I'm sure we will continue to do so. Happy 4th MORI Day - thank you for being here.

Kim c/o The MORI Club