Founder's Note: Naoki Maxi Slip Dress

Founder's Note: Naoki Maxi Slip Dress


A slinky, body-hugging maxi dress is not a groundbreaking design. Brands across the world, regardless of scale, have their interpretation of this silhouette, and each has its unique selling point that appeals to different types of customers.

The design direction was clear from the beginning for us. We were looking to create a foundation piece that preserves the same level of comfort as our signature undergarments collection and can seamlessly transit through day-and-night looks.

Through this short preorder period, I was very fortunate to have quick chats with some of you (virtually and physically) that shared my excitement about this new addition to our Lounge collection. "I have considered the similar option from (fast-fashion brand) or (celebrity-endorsed brand), but Naoki fits what I want better" is a line that often pops up in these conversations, and to be very frank, it always makes my heart glow to hear this.

Still, I have to clarify that I don't see this as an opportunity to push the idea that Naoki is superior or better than options from other brands – because it's not straightforward to compare since we all cater to different audiences that value different things. What I take away from these conversations and what means the world to me is the acknowledgment of our brand ethos and the strong belief in our products from our little community.

As we approach the final hours of the preorder period, I want to thank each one of you that placed an order/shared advice and opinions/celebrated this step of our journey with us. The production is now in full steam, and we are already looking forward to shipping out your Naoki.

To better things ahead!

Kim c/o The MORI Club

The preorder for Naoki Maxi Slip Dress (with special perks) ends at 11 PM, 18.08.2022. Once the goods arrive and all preorder orders are fulfilled, the remaining quantity (if any) will be listed online!