RE/MORI: Pet Bed

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✿ This product is made-to-order and will take an average of 10 working days before we can ship them out – for more details, you may check out our Instagram at @themoriclub or pop us a DM! ✿

RE/MORI is an in-house project created by us to minimize wastage and leftovers within our inventory. The goods are upcycled and reimagined as a completely different idea & concept. Designed and handcrafted in our studio at 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, Singapore.

Repurposed from 2.5 Standard Shopper Tote / Moss + Tangerine, durable canvas material. Filled with Grade A Polyester Fill, a no-fill option can be fulfilled - you may insert your recycled bedding/clothes. Invisible zipper. Machine washable.

The woven logo tag sewed on it has a spelling error with '' – we've ordered a couple of hundreds of these years back and it would be a huge waste to just trash it when they are perfectly fine, just missing an 'M'. Kudos to you for keeping em' out of the landfill!

Limited quantity available.

70CM x 40CM x 12CM / Suitable for small-medium sized pets.

Mori is a standard-sized miniature dachshund, on the chonky side with the width if we have to be real honest.