• The Ni Pack: Bra + Brief
  • The Ni Pack: Bra + Brief
  • The Ni Pack: Bra + Brief
  • The Ni Pack: Bra + Brief

The Ni Pack: Bra + Brief

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に (ni) means 2 in Japanese.

In this bundle deal pack, you will receive * MORI bra + 1 * MORI brief of your choice and enjoy a discount of S$10 off the original retail price (S$115) for both.

Gentle reminder → Please leave your preferred size(s) at the Notes section during check out.

JUN Standard triangle soft bra, low support.
SATO Bandeau/tube style soft bra, medium support.
YUMI Sports tank silhouette with deep scoop back, high support.  We recommend going one size up from your usual MORI bra size for this style.
ELI High-waisted, full coverage from front to bum. We recommend going one size down from your usual MORI brief size for this style.
ROLA Timeless bikini-style, high coverage from front to bum.
FIJI  Cheeky thong, medium coverage on the front + low coverage on the bum.

 SUMI (Coal Black) | YOMOGI (Moss Green) | KIRI (Mist Grey)

BRA SIZING REF. 01: Cup A/B | 02: Cup B/C | 03: Cup C/D | 04: Cup D/E
 01: W22"-24" | 02: W24"-26" | 03: W26"-29" | 04: W29"-W31"

CURRENT SELECTION ✔ = Available / ✖ = Sold Out  

03 04
JUN: Sumi
JUN: Yomogi
JUN: Kiri
SATO: Sumi
SATO: Yomogi
SATO: Kiri
YUMI: Sumi
YUMI: Yomogi
YUMI: Kiri

03 04
ELI: Sumi
ELI: Yomogi

ELI: Kiri

ROLA: Sumi

ROLA: Yomogi

ROLA: Kiri

FIJI: Sumi

FIJI: Yomogi
FIJI: Kiri