Introducing: MORI On Loop

Introducing: MORI On Loop

Being a responsible and sustainable brand – putting the planet above all is our first approach to everything that we do and create.

After a little over three years of sending batches of softer-than-soft undies to new homes, we continuously spent countless hours re-examining workflows and understanding operations with THE question in mind –– 'How can we make this zero waste?'

With this question, we have found our first answer. Our team developed a sub-line simply known as, RE/MORI, where we up-cycle and repurpose off-cuts from production and goods that have failed quality checks. (More often than not in producing handcrafted goods with not-so-fancy machinery, this results in many faults)

In this sub-line, we made AOKI Scrunchies, complimentary mini tote bags, even pet beddings with materials deemed surplus that end up in bins with most cases for fashion brands. With RE/MORI, there is more efficiency dealing with storage issues and above all - Retain more-than-usable material and away from our landfills. At this stage, we tap onto our creative juices and get them flowing.

'What about goods with flaws such as dye stains and print errors?' –– is the next question we ask ourselves. In practice, we keep them in our inventory and introduce sample sales once or twice annually to find them new homes. Though, it would seem that there is a better way to resolve this.

The Better Way: MORI ON LOOP

With this initiative, we aim to streamline our ideas and close the loop on MORI goods through three different phases.

Phase 01: ON THE LOOP
Farewell annual sample sales! But hey, don't sweat it just yet –– we are aware many of our friends relish the opportunity to check out their MORI wish-lists. Goods that are imperfectly perfect and are in more than ideal wearable conditions will no longer remain idle in our inventory. Instead, we will be listing them on our online store at experimental prices. With this phase, the end goal is to give flexibility on prices to increase accessibility, therefore ensuring that nothing of ours go to waste with goods that still have so much to offer.

Phase 02: TAKE BACK
It is in our belief that well-made things will stand the test of time. While we work on our manufacturing methods to ensure that same belief – it is only in human nature to fall out of love and realize that certain things no longer spark joy like they used to; that is perfectly okay. In this phase, we intend to build a platform that will find all of your MORIs (in good condition) and find them new homes and renewed love. To put it in plain terms - Carousell/Depop/Grailed.

Phase 03: RECYCLE
Since our inception, one of our goals has always been to be able to create recycling programs for our goods. Alas, with the constant strains of research & development, and the requirement of finance and other resources - it is not the most feasible concept for a small budding brand like us at the moment. However, we will get there!

As we embark together on this first phase of MORI ON LOOP, we hope the brief introductions of Phases 02 + 03 has afforded valuable insight into our future as a sustainable business. When all of this aligns, we hope that you will be there to witness and celebrate this growth of ours - together.

The first series of MORI ON LOOP is now available on our online store: click here to shop!